Monday, September 29, 2008

Quick Update

Frankly I'm shocked, but apparently there is a small minority of people who read this blog and are curious why I haven't posted anything in a while.

Hurricane Ike didn't cause any trouble for me with the exception that I'm without Internet access. I usually blog from home, but I've been known to post an item or two from work. But, horror of horrors, work has been too busy for me to post.

Couple that with the fact that the further behind I get, the more intense the effort becomes to "catch up".

I'll make my running update quick for now, and try to fill in the blanks at some other time:

* I went to Portland (along with Julie) and had a blast. It was a running, biking and hiking vacation for me, which was nice. I came back to Houston wondering what Ike did to my home, and I walked into an untouched house with power. As I mentioned, the only inconvenience I had (and continue to have) was no Internet.

* My company had people work from home for a week while downtown was cleared of debris. Having no Internet essentially transformed my week into a vacation. Having this break on the heels of a running vacation in Portland made me think I was a professional runner. It gave me time to run when I wanted to run, and how much I wanted to run. During one week I logged 80 miles and wished I ran more.

* I went back to work with an overfull slate of tasks, and I've been sleeping in on mornings. In other words, the last week has been woeful for me in terms of training. I'm hoping to rectify that starting tonight with a good run.

* I promise that I'll give some more color to all of those points. But for the time being, thanks for reading and I hope you're doing well.


Laura said...

i'm happy your house is okay!

Cory said...

Thanks for the update, JB.

I've been wondering what you've been up to since the long run on 9/20.

I was without home internet until very recently too. (an extreme frustration!) Keep the faith they'll make it to you.

We need to get together for lunch sometime when each of us is able to come up for air. Let me know if something works for you.

Kevin said...

It is about time you got back to posting. I know how it is, I have actually not had time to even check my personal emails due to work getting in the way.

Anonymous said...

Do you know what I have had to read since September 6th? The news!?! Don't ever let this happen again, mister.