Friday, April 8, 2011

A Lesson in Humility

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People that put themselves above others will fall longer and harder. ~Gina Lindley

Some people are born on third base and go through life thinking they hit a triple. ~Barry Switzer

If I only had a little humility, I would be perfect. ~Ted Turner

I'm concerned with my upper body strength, or more accurately, my LACK of upper body strength. On long runs my shoulders sag and ache. I'm sure it affects my speed because I can't pump my arms to maintain momentum. But mainly it wears on my mind. On a long run or marathon the last thing you need is yet another thing to make you feel miserable, so the lack of upper body strength probably hurts me most in the mental department.

Of course I could just do a few push-ups and yoga exercises right after I finish running, but who has time for five minutes of exercise after an hour+ of running? (Sarcasm.) The truth is that I'm too lazy to do anything other than run if I'm going to do "exercise". The deeper truth is probably that I don't like to do things in which I'm not good, and I'm certainly not good at anything that requires upper body strength.

So today I had what I thought might be a solution: a hybrid run/arm exercise regimen. I carried a 2.5 lb hand weight in each arm as I ran my normal 6+ mile route around the bayou. This is the point in this post where I tie into the title -- "Humility". Not only was it much hotter than recent days (85 degrees), I was running with tired legs thanks to two-a-days over the past two days and a hilly tour de bayou race yesterday evening. But I think the kicker was the weights. It's hard to say what portion of my excuses contributed to the higher heart rate and slower pace, but it was without a doubt my hardest "easy" run in many weeks. My heart rate hit the mid 150s late in the run, which is where I would like to be while running sub 7's as opposed to the 8+ I ran.

5.84 miles
8:18 pace
141 avg HR

I'm not going to abandon the weight idea, but I need to switch to some sort of weighted glove implement as opposed to clutching a mini barbell the entire way. My right hand "went to sleep" over the course of the run, indicating irritation to the nerve.


Cory said...

I recall reading several months ago that an elite female runner would do her tempo runs holding large ball bearings in her hands. Initially I thought, "Big deal. Ball bearings don't weigh that much." The more I thought about this the more sense it made in strengthening running-specific muscles without hampering the primary objective of the training session. I haven't tried it yet so I have no personal experience.

Give it a try and let me know how it turns out! ha!

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Lucho said...

Unfortunately carry weight while running won't solve a weakness issue. You have to stress the muscles enough to break them down. Think of it like comparing speed to strength. You won't run a fast 1/4 off of just high volume running and you won't truly strengthen a muscle off of high volume resistance. If your shoulders are 'sagging' then using simple dumbbells and doing shrugs and flys will help. Also pushups and pullups (the king of exercises) will help you a ton.

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matnic17 said...

I recently tried to carry a 12oz water bottle because it was 95+ degrees and humid. It was horrible, it felt like it weighed 10 lbs. I think I switched hands every 1/4 mile.

I hit the "next blog" button on my blog today and landed on yours. Mine is really a photography blog but I mention running once in awhile so I always get linked up with running blogs.

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Theia said...

Stumbled on your blog today... Be very careful about adding weights to your run. Risk of injury is higher, and the benefit really isn't all that great.

What about holding the arm weights and doing the arm motion of running (elbows in, arms forward and back) without actually running? You can concentrate on your form much better that way.

Also, some pushups, planks, and back extensions will help.

Good luck!

Cheerleader said...

Hi, I stumbled upon your blog today.

I carry a Nathan bottle with water when I run--While it doesn't weigh much, I am positive it is the reason my arms are getting a little more toned. --since I'm a slacker on my trunk twists, situps & pushups

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