Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekly Totals

M - Nothing (total rest & recovery from Achilles injury)
Tu - Nothing (signed up for UT Medical School gym)
W - 15 minutes aqua jogging in the outdoor pool (interrupted by the weather), 45 minutes on the bike, 10 minutes getting acclimated to weights
Th - 60 on the bike (pool still closed due to weather), 20 minutes of weights
F - 60 minutes aqua jogging, 20 minutes weights
Sa - 60 minutes aqua jogging, 30 minutes weights
Su - 90 minutes aqua jogging, 60 minutes bike, 0 weights
Totals - 3:45 aqua jogging, 2:45 bike, 1:20 weights

Minute Totals:
M - 0 minutes
Tu - 0
W - 70
Th - 80
F - 80
Sa - 90
Su - 150
Total - 7 hours, 50 minutes

1) I figured out that wearing shoes in the pool increases resistance and helps get my heart rate up a bit higher
2) The best I can do (and sustain) is about a 130-135 heart rate on the bike an din the pool. My body might be getting a good workout, but my cardio is lacking.
3) I got sunburned on Sunday. I must be the only bonehead in the contiguous 48 to get a sunburn in the middle of November.
4) I'm using the weights to concentrate on my stomach, my hips (which never get a good workout but are always sore after a long run), and my legs (leg curls and leg extensions.)

It's difficult for me to follow this routine because there is no immediate feedback. I can't see what my time was on the last split, and I can't compare it to prior runs. So, being a numbers junkie, I'm having a hard time coping. I tried to count calories but that got old quickly.

W - 1803 calories, 31g fat, 349g carbs, 40g protein, B+
Th - 1156 calories, 15g fat, 200g carbs, 49g protein, A-
F - 2561 calories, 76g fat, 405g carbs, 45g protein,A- is helpful in tracking caloric and nutritional intake if you have the patience to enter your meals. It has lots of common food and serving sizes, plus it allows you to enter custom food. It will grade your diet and give you a nutrition report. Over those three days, plus half of Saturday, my ratios were:

18.0% fat
9.2% protein
72.7% carbohydrates

Looks like I need a little more protein in my diet. This web site recommends a ratio of:
Carbs = 40-60%
Fat = 20-30%
Protein = 10-15%


Anonymous said...

You need to do eccentric calf raises every day, twice a day if possible. Eccentric calf raises, eccentric calf raises, eccentric calf raises. Every day you skip doing these is two days longer that it will take you to get better.

And hit the elliptical machine instead of the bike. You can easily hit your max heart rate on an elliptical machine and it won't burden your achilles.


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