Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Last Hard Workout before Houston

1.00 Mile warm up, 8:21, Max HR = 142, Avg HR = 133
1.00 Mile Speed, 6:06, Max HR = 169, Avg HR = 162, 1:06 rest
1.00 Mile Speed, 6:18, Max HR = 175, Avg HR = 168, 4:47 rest
.50 Mile Speed, 3:04, Max HR = 168, Avg HR = 155, 1:20 rest
.50 Mile Speed, 3:07, Max HR = 171, Avg HR = 162, 3:58 rest
.50 Mile Speed, 3:06, Max HR = 168, Avg HR = 155, 1:37 rest
.50 Mile Speed, 2:58, Max HR = 172, Avg HR = 164

goal: 2 x mile w/ 1mr @ 6:05 - 6:11, 4 X 800M w/ 1mr @ 3:02 - 3:06, 5mr b/t sets

I hit most of my times today. My second mile was a bit slow, and my rest breaks were a bit long. I always do better when I run my speed work with a group, but I ran alone today in the darkness of Rice.

The keys to this run is that 1) it's the last hard run that I have before the marathon and 2) no pain whatsoever. Now, I confess that I wanted to quit almost every step of the way, but that's pretty common for me when I'm running that hard. Like I said, it's so much easier when you're with a group who constantly pushes you.

Taper time! Unlike the taper before Dallas, I'm looking forward to the rest yet I remain highly motivated. Before Dallas I had to force myself off of the couch for a two mile run. I didn't WANT to run at all -- a marathon or a training run. The subtle difference now is that I'm really anxious to get my training runs in and I'm excited about Houston, but I appreciate the lack of intensity and opportunity to rest.

Side note -- my last half mile was the fastest for two reasons. 1) b/c my last interval is usually the fastest since my workout is over and 2) b/c I ran it on concrete/pavement on the way back home as opposed to the crushed granite for the rest of my intervals.

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