Thursday, January 3, 2008

Treadmill Easy Run

Treadmill: 5.13 miles, 45:00, 8:46 pace, Max HR = 141, Avg HR = 135

I ran this on the treadmill at a very easy pace while watching Kansas play Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl. As an LSU fan, I’m pulling for our competition – Virginia Tech. But as an entrant into a football bowl pool, a Kansas victory puts me in a position to win a small piece of change. In another pool it boils down to the LSU vs. Ohio State game, and an LSU victory puts me in the money. As bad as it sounds, I’m considering placing a bet on Ohio State to hedge my pool and win money regardless of the outcome.

I haven't talked about my Tigers in quite some time, but I'm very proud of them. A long, difficult season culminated in an invitation to the BCS championship game to play for their third national championship. I went to the last championship we won in football and baseball. Regrettably I wasn't interested in track until very recently, and missed my chance to see any of the prior 30 national championships won by the indoor and outdoor, men's and women's teams. During the time I was in school, LSU was in the process of winning 11 straight women's outdoor championships, and in 1988 and 1989 LSU swept the men's and women's outdoor championships. This information can be verified at But, the glory days are not yet over, as the women's team is ranked a preseason #1 (the men are #5). The closest they compete is in Austin. I might have to make a road trip. I did watch Julie's cousin in a cross country meet in late September. It was inspiring.

My Garmin foot pod came in today, and I was excited about using it on the treadmill today in order to record mileage and pace without having access to GPS satellites. But for whatever reason, the treadmill read an 8:46 pace (which I used above since it felt like an 8:46 pace run) while the watch read a 9:56. You’re supposed to calibrate the foot pod for the most accuracy, but it should be better than this right out of the box. I guess I’ll calibrate it tomorrow around a track since I have the day off.

As I am finished up this post I'm watching on as Kansas sealed a victory over VaTech in the Orange Bowl. As long as Tulsa and Ohio State don't both win, I'll win first place in a pool with 127 people in it!

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