Friday, July 4, 2008

2008 Run Wild 5K

5K Race, 19:19.9, 6:13 pace, Max HR = 183, Avg HR = 166, 31% Z5, 58% Z4, 8% Z3

warm down after race with Andrew, 3.06 miles, 25:10, 8:13 pace

For the first time in my life a 5K didn't seem so long. Every other time I'm counting down each half mile, trying to survive. For better or worse, this one seemed to fly by. That's probably because I didn't run it hard enough. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with my time based on weather conditions, the winding course and the fact that running on tired legs due to ramping up my mileage. But I wanted to break 19 on this race, and I think I didn't try hard enough to get it done.

First mile, 6:01 – Didn't want to go out too fast. This six minute mile felt easy.
Second Mile, 6:24 – I wasn't looking at my watch and I didn't notice that I was slowing down, but I did notice the heat and humidity. I'm really not straining too hard here. I feel my cadence slip a few times, and I concentrate on picking up my turnover and landing on my mid-foot.
Third Mile, 6:20 – This is based on a strong second half mile when the end was in sight. I started passing people with about a half mile to go. My breathing falls into a once in/twice out pattern. This is ok for short distances, but usually isn't sustainable for me.
.1 finish, 0:35 (5:27 pace) – I surprised myself with my strength as I passed about four or five people during this stretch, including the second place overall female. I think I could have held this pace for at least another quarter mile, giving me reason to think that I left way too much out there.

Congratulations to Lilia for her first place finish! Lilia is a fellow Will's Hiller. I've run side-by-side with Lilia, and I have to say that she is a determined yet humble runner. Her work ethic is enviable, and it paid off for her on July 4.

In national news, Sean Wade won the masters division of the Peachtree Road Race 10K in Atlanta, GA. This is one of the largest road races in the country, with 15,000 participants and nearly 150,000 spectators. Sean's time of 31:24 was 21 seconds faster than his nearest masters competitor, and it placed him in 28th place overall. In a testament to the popularity and prestige of this race, the top ten runners all hailed from Africa. The open men and women were chasing a $15,000 first place check. The total purse was $83,100.

The competitive racing season is over for me, if you can even call what I do "competing." Unless things change, the next time I will give it my all is on January 18, 2009. Yes, I'll enter a few races between now and then, but I won't go all-out so I won't jeopardize my marathon training. My potential upcoming race calendar is as follows:

8/22/08 – Hood to Coast Relay
9/18/08 – Watermill Express 5k Marathon Kickoff
10/12/08 – USA 10 Miler
10/26/06 – Luke's Locker Half Marathon
11/9/08 – HMSA 25K
1/18/09 – Houston Marathon

Other possibilities:
11/27/08 – Baton Rouge Turkey Trot 5K
11/29/08 – Baton Rouge Beach Marathon
12/14/08 – Houston 30K

After the race I ran three miles with Andrew as a cool-down effort. This was after hydrating with two pints of beer. I've had easier cool-downs, but it was good to catch up with Andrew. We worked together at Texas Memory Systems during my first tour of duty in Houston.

TDLY - 7/4/07 - 2007 Run Wild 5K, 20:54.2 chip, 6:45 pace, 78th overall, Max HR = 188, Avg HR = 102, 54% Z5, 39% Z4, 75 degrees, 90% humidity. This was a PR for me. Apparently I'm 94.3 seconds better this year, but it appears as though my effort level was higher last year based on heart rate information. No Blog Entry.

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