Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tornados Spotted in River Oaks

11.80 miles, 1:27:22 (5:40 rest), 7:24 pace (7:52 factoring rest), Max HR = 165, Avg HR = 140, 32% Z4, 43% Z3, 22% Z2

The Tornados hit River Oaks today in lieu of running down the bayou to Sabine. We didn't put out water so it was a bit of a dry run. But I followed Lucho's advice and drank plenty of water before my run (not quite as much as he recommends, but a lot for me.) I also had a gulp of water from a hose about 4.5 miles into the run.

I structured this run as:
1) 4.5 miles of warm up at 7:58 (about 4:00 rest)
2) 2.81 miles of tempo at 6:28 (about 1:30 rest)
3) 1.5 miles of cool down at 7:59 (no rest)
4) 2.94 miles at 7:12

I felt well afterwards, so I guess the tempo run wasn't a bad idea. The times I feel the worst is when I hammer the last mile or two (6 or sub-6), so I'll try not to do that except for speed sessions. Things can get competitive with the Tornados, but I know my place (almost all can beat me) so I wouldn't prove anything by racing them during a long run.

It's curious to me that I struggle to keep a 6:30 pace on a Thursday tempo session, but this 6:28 pace came easily for me, after a long warm up. I really think that hydration may be my magic bullet, as I'm usually running the Thursday tempo runs in a dehydrated state. As much as I complain about this, you'd think I'd just wise up and drink some water. But the truth is that I don't like the way water tastes, and I don't want the additional calories from sports drinks. I'm going to pick up some G2 so I can get the liquid without as many calories. It has 25 calories per 8 ounces, which means it only takes one mile to burn off a quart.

TDLY - Rice and Hermann, 5.58 miles, 44:52, 8:02 pace, Max HR = 173, Avg HR = 157, 69% Z4, 25% Z3. No Blog Entry.

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