Saturday, July 5, 2008

San Antonio Wanderings

AM 10.04 miles, 1:20:58, 8:03 pace, Max HR = 151, Avg HR = 137, 78% Z3, 20% Z2
8:39, 8:32, 8:25, 7:54, 7:52, 8:30, 7:49, 7:40, 7:29, 7:34

PM 2.52 miles, 22:33, 8:56 pace, max HR = 149, Avg HR = 133, dehydrated, hilly and hot

Julie and I are spending the weekend in San Antonio. I don't know much about the city, and I didn't spend my usual time researching and overanalyzing. So my run from the Bed and Breakfast pretty much had no destination objective other than running ten miles before the day got underway. As much as I enjoy running, I enjoy my vacation time with Julie more so I didn't want this run to interfere with our planned activities. I was out of the door at 5:48 AM and finished at 7:08 AM.

Our Bed and Breakfast, The Bullis House Inn, was situated next to Historic Fort Sam Houston. I'm not entirely sure what kind of Army Base it is, but you can see very large mansions on the compound. I think it might be for Army doctors, since I read this as part of the "mission" of the base:
To provide quality service and support to our community, the Home of Army Medicine.
The Bullis House was OK . . . nothing spectacular, but it fit our needs. I wanted something a little closer to downtown, but those were all booked or required two night stays. Because this one was a little banged up and out of the way, it was significantly cheaper was well. But the service was great and the breakfast was so good that I ate my body weight in fruit, yogurt, eggs, potatoes, cereal, orange juice cocktail and biscuits. The room was nice as well. I guess the only downfall was the shared bathroom, which could benefit from a renovation and probably wouldn't smell as much if it had air conditioning.

Back to the run -- I meandered through San Antonio, alongside the fort and happened upon Brackenridge Park, the Zoo and the Japanese Garden. Upon later analysis I found out I was about 200 yards from Trinity University. Had I known that I would have checked out the campus. As I mentioned here and here, I've always enjoyed spending time on college campuses. The Japanese Tea Garden was nice, and I ran up several flights of stairs to the crest (which is why I had an 8:30 mile nestled in the middle of my run.) Speaking of pace, I want my Saturday runs to be easy (8:30 or whatever feels easy), so I can run my Sunday runs a bit faster (8:00 or perhaps a bit faster.) So I was happy that I was able to carry an 8:03 pace while feeling great.

After breakfast we headed to Gruene, TX (near New Brauenfels) to tube along the Guadalupe and go to Gruene Hall, the oldest Honkey Tonk in Texas. Julie and I squeezed in a short run, just to say we did it. It was uneventful, full of traffic, and was pretty terrible as far as runs go. Afterwards we went to The Gristmill River Restaurant and I ate until my stomach nearly ruptured. (I give myself a license to pig out on vacations.)

TDLY - Rest Day

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