Tuesday, July 8, 2008

3x1M with 4 minutes rest

2 warm up, 3x1M with 4 minutes rest, 2 warm down, Max HR = 178, mile 1 = 6:01, mile 2 = 6:01, mile 3 = 6:17

I've been running speed workouts with the Tornados on Tuesdays, and today's workout was a challenging one. The workout was three one mile stretches with four minutes of rest between reps. The first two were pretty consistent, but at the tail end of the second one I started to get a visit from my lunch (or more accurately last night's dinner, given the apparent progress along the gastrointestinal tract.) It reminded me again during most of the second half of the last mile. I had visions of this picture of runner #26 I saw on Half Fast the other day. If you want to see something unplesant, click the picture at the link I provided.

Other than that minor set-back, I was pleased with my splits.

TDLY - Rest

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Kevin said...

I guess the PPM (Poo-Poo Monster) was a bit faster than you were to day. I always try to ward him off before I go run but sometimes he is a bit faster than me. I hate the PPM