Saturday, December 15, 2007

Kenyan Way Long Run #6 - Running in the Rain

Appx 13 miles, Appx 8:00-8:30 Pace, No Heart Rate Information

My approximations are the result of forgetting to bring my watch to the run today. It wasn't that big of a deal because I wanted to make sure I didn't run too fast, and the watch usually causes me to pick up the pace rather than slow down. It's only been six days since I ran the Dallas Marathon, and I need to be very careful not to push myself too fast or too far.

I started out with the 3:30 group, but left them within a few minutes. Sometimes I think running too slow can be just as bad as running too fast, because it forces an unnatural gait. I caught up to the 3:15 group and ran with them for a while. Gio, a friend from Kenyan Way, started out a little late and caught up to us. At about mile 8 we broke away from the 3:15 group and clicked off a few miles at a 7:45 pace, if I had to guess. Gio is a pretty cool guy with a laid back attitude, and it was good to get to know him a bit better while we ran together.

A blinding rain storm passed through about the time we broke off from the 3:15 group. I like running in the rain because I feel hard-core. A casual runner won't run in the rain, but the serious runner won't let the precipitation slow them down. And it is crunch time for serious runners, because the Houston Marathon is just around the corner. Runners are getting in their miles all over town, and it's a neat sight to drive around Saturday morning and see all of the groups. The rain halted the run at mile 13 (as opposed to the scheduled 24), but I didn't have plans to run more than 15 anyway, so it worked out well for me.

Overall I felt good during the run, but my left knee bothered me for the rest of the day after the run. It didn't help that my shoes were extra heavy because they were soaked with rain. I iced my knee for an hour or so and took some NSAIDs.

On another note, I practiced eating gel during the run, and I think I'll carry about four during my next marathon. Also I ran with a new pair of shoes, Mizuno Wave Inspire. I picked them up for $40 since they are last year's model. I wanted to give them a spin today to determine if they would be my wheels for the Houston marathon or just training shoes, but the rain voided the test.

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