Thursday, August 7, 2008

Aborted Threshold Attempt

2.09 M Warm Up @ 9:19, 3.81M, 32:14, 8:27 pace

I tried to get my Thursday threshold workout over in the morning in anticipation that I'd have to work late and miss the Tornado run. After a difficult warm up, I pulled up lame after a half mile into the threshold attempt. My leg felt funny/numb for a second. It went away after a second, but I wasn't going to risk it and I was going to run another half mile back to my car. But I ran into Stephanie, Laurie and Randy, so I did an easy loop with them. The leg thing came and went, but I'm pretty sure I need to start doing some back exercises again.

While running today I saw Diana Hurst. She's been doing some fantastic things with her running lately in preparation for The California International Marathon. She has an iron will, and a work ethic that puts me to shame. Already a sub 3 hour marathoner (2:58?), Diana has been working incredibly hard on a program designed by Jack McClintic. The CIM is one of the fastest marathons in the country, so I expect the combination of her training and the course will yield an outstanding result for her.

I really want to start doing a better job on my threshold runs, perhaps substituting my Tuesday speed work for a threshold run to get two per week. Seeing Diana out there reminded me that she runs her thresholds on Thursday mornings. Maybe I can gauge her interest in letting me tag along, since it's usually difficult for me to run with the Tornados at 6PM. Maybe some of her determination would rub off on me.

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