Monday, August 4, 2008

Twelve Mile Monday

AM: 6.16M, 49:39, 8:03 pace, Max HR = 142, Avg HR = 128
PM: 6.05M, 49:59, 8:00 pace, Max HR = 145, Avg HR = 131

The morning run was relatively easy, thanks to a good night's sleep. Even so, the first mile of my runs have been difficult. Piling up the mileage isn't resulting in any injuries, but it does take me a longer to warm up and hit my groove. In a typical fashion, my first half mile was run at a 9:36 pace.

I joined Shon at Memorial park for my afternoon run. It was hot -- I think the radio said the heat index was 101 after I finished. We stopped for water twice, but this was an ideal day for a camel back. Although my cardio was in fair shape, my legs were tired most of the way. But when I finished I felt as though I could have done another lap without any problems. Fatigue is becoming my friend . . . I just wish we weren't on a first name basis.

I'm going to discontinue my "This day last year (TDLY)" segment because I don't think it's work the extra effort it takes to collect the data.

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Kevin said...

I think TDLY stoppage is OK since you are starting to get to a point where you were actually running pretty good. May be throw one in about once ever two weeks for reference.