Monday, October 29, 2007

Miller Outdoor Theatre Hills

4.33 miles at a 8:26 pace, 1.32 miles of hills, 5 minutes rest, 1.33 miles of hills

There isn't much to report here, with the exception that my legs were a bit sore from yesterday's race. That's why I took an extended warmup. The first set of hills were a bit trying, but the second go-round seemed easier and I ran it at a faster pace. As usual, I ran it up fast and down easy.

The Miller Outdoor Theatre is located in Hermann Park, and offers dozens of free events throughout the year ranging from dancing, concerts, plays, and children's events. The outdoor theatre has covered seating and an amiptheatre-style hill for blankets and lawn chairs. Julie and I have been out there a few times with a bottle of wine, a block of cheese and some other snacks. It's a nice time, and it makes me appreciate the amenities a large city can offer.

The hill is structured as a gentle incline away from the stage which comes to a crest after about 75 yards, followed by a sharp dropoff. My course and pace was fast up the sharp dropoff, easy down the slight incline, fast back up the slight incline, and finally easy down the sharp dropoff. I did ten laps, took five minutes to rest, and did ten more laps. Afterwards I walked the half mile home because I was wiped out. All in all this was a good workout.

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