Monday, October 22, 2007

Toeing through the Wind

4.17 Miles, 1 of which was hills

I’m still feeling a bit fatigued from the weekend, so I skipped the morning KW hill session in lieu of a recovery jog and my own hill session at the Miller Outdoor Theatre. The there mile warm-up jog was interesting for two reasons.

1) I found myself going faster than I expected, and then slower than I expected, given the effort expended. It didn’t take me long to figure out the culprit: the wind. Very stiff winds and a corresponding drop in temperature reminded me of the potential conditions for the Dallas marathon. I can’t say it was nice. Running into the wind took more out of me than running with the wind gave back. I’ll have to be mentally prepared for similar conditions in Dallas.

2) I’ve had a bit of a tweak on one of my right toes ever since Saturday. I’ve experienced this before, but it went away quickly. I think it has to do with one toe curling under the other. But it’s not a blister like you would probably guess; it’s more like a funny feeling in the joint. It feels almost as though my toe is being gently pulled out of socket. It doesn’t hurt, but I’m going to take care of this quickly in an attempt to stem off any negative development

I cut my hill session short because my legs were wiped out. 10 minutes total – quickly up one steep hill and slowly down a shallow, followed by quickly up the shallow and slowly down the steep.

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Kevin said...

I think the toe problem probably stems back to 1992 or '93. I must have been that toe ring that caused your "hammer toe" or toe curling! Just think of how bad it would be if you had not quit wearing it. You might have been crippled for life!