Saturday, October 6, 2007

Geaux Tigers (oh yea, and Bahama wrap-up)

Congratulations to the LSU Football team for knocking off an impressive Florida team. It took every ounce of strength, preparation and willpower to overcome the Gators. I am inspired by their performance, and will endeavor to train according to the example they set.

While I was on vacation my desire to run waned slightly, and my desire to blog completely disappeared. I'll use this entry as a brief summary of my walks and runs during the week.

9/30 - 6.86 mile walk through downtown
10/2 - 7.12 miles, 1:00:55, 8:33 pace, Avg HR = 143, Max HR = 160, 3.32 mile walk
10/3 - 7.36 miles, 1:01:11, 8:18 pace, Avg HR = 145, Max HR = 162
10/4 - 5.03 miles, 45:02, 8:57 pace, Avg HR = 139, Max HR = 161
10/6 - 5.45 miles, 50:32, 9:16 pace, Avg HR = 135, Max HR = 166

Notes: It was very hilly where I stayed, and it wasn't very condusive to running because there weren't many sidewalks and there were no water fountains. To compound matters, the Bahamas keeps the British driving system (left side of road). Thankfully they are extremely mindful of Americans, and I never had any trouble despite frequently running out into streets without looking the correct direction. Julie and I stayed on Paradise Island, which is connected to Nassau by two approximately half-mile long bridges. The bulk of my workout (and hill work) was on those bridges. I don't know how tall they are, but a quarter mile uphill stretch is quite a challenge for these untrained legs. On one run I did three laps of the bridges (over on one bridge, and back on the other).

These runs were less spectacular than I'd like them to be as far as distance and time. But I was on vacation, so I allowed myself to take it a bit easier. Plus, I seemed to be constantly dehydrated between the tropical drinks and Kalik beer. With water costing $4 per bottle, and beer costing only $3 . . . well, you do the math.

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