Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Kenyan Way Speed #10 - Progressive Miles

6.78 miles, 50:03, 7:22 pace, Avg HR = 151, Max HR = 171
The goal today was to run 50-60 minutes progressively increasing the pace and ending up at 10k pace. I managed to do that and remain in good shape for my race tomorrow since I didn't push the pace too much in the beginning. I also kept it to 50 minutes instead of pushing myself too far for another ten minutes.

I'm thinking that I'll probably run on Saturday morning in Birmingham, AL after all. I sent a few unsolicited emails to people in the Birmingham Track Club asking for advice about routes with hydration and minimal traffic. I wasn't really surprised to find out that a couple people responded and offered some great advice. Runners seem to have a connection, as I've seen in the past, and welcome strangers. So now I'm excited to tackle my 24 mile long run on the rolling hills of Alabama. A big thanks to those who took time to respond!

8:09, 7:58, 7:30, 7:21, 7:16, 6:39, 5:02 for .77 miles (6:32 pace)

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