Thursday, May 29, 2008

Late Evening Ten+

10.52 miles, 1:25:29, 8:07 pace, Max HR = 141, Avg HR = 132 (69% of Max)

I wanted to do a speed workout with the Tornados after work today, but I couldn't get out in time. I even burned one of my 24 free parking passes distributed by my company so I could drive today instead of take the bus. I now have only 12 left, since I used a lot for PIM.

Taking the bus is great, but I can't get anywhere quickly after work so I have to drive those days.

Anyway, I'm upset that I missed the Tornado tempo run, but I enjoyed the cool temperatures (78 degrees) and breeze of my 9:30 PM run.

It would have been great to get this under 8:00 miles on average, but I mainly cared about keeping my heart rate at Zone 3.0 or below so I wouldn't be in bad shape for my Will's Hills workout 6.5 hours later.

8:41, 7:57, 8:09, 8:03, 7:51, 7:56, 8:12, 8:11, 8:02, 8:09, 4:06 for .51 miles (8:02 pace).

TDLY - 5/29/07 - 4.03 miles, 32:32, 8:04 pace, Max HR = 179, Avg HR = 154, 44% Z4, 13%Z5, 82 degrees. This is an interesting comparison to today's run. It's almost the same pace and temperature, but only 40% of the distance. Look how much harder I had to work a year ago. It's nice to have numerical proof of improvement. Blog Entry.

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RTL said...

Hi. I leave downtown to go running at Memorial Park or with Kenyan Way each evening - so let me know if ever need a ride.