Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Will's Hills 14 & Unofficial PIM - Busy Day

AM: Will's Hills - Warm up, 3.31 Mile Indian Run, no HR info

PM: Pre-Unofficial PIM threshold run in heat. 3.03 miles, 21:05, 6:57 pace, Max HR = 172, Avg HR = 157, 70% Z4, 1% Z5.
Unofficial PIM - 3.84 miles incl. warm up, 38:33, 10:02 pace

It was good to be back to Will's Hills this morning. Will encouraged us to divide into four degrees of "fastness" (because we're all fast.) I joined the third from fastest for fear of re-injuring my leg, since it's my first time back on the hills. My worries were unwarranted.

In the evening I joined the PIMsters for an "unofficial" run since the season is now over. I got there early enough to run a hard lap around Memorial before they started. However, "hard" only turned out to be a 6:57 pace. I don't think I could have gone much faster over that distance. I guess I'm tired from this morning and from the Marathon four days ago. Plus the temperature was 84 degrees -- it makes a difference.

After my solo run, I joined up with the PIMsters -- about 30 showed up! I expected around 10 at most. And after that the coaches met at Jax for the coaches banquet. It is nice to be appreciated by the powers that be, even though the real reward is working with the PIMsters themselves. PIM is very fortunate to have some fantastic coaches. I'm trying to learn how to be a good coach by observing them.

TDLY - 5/21/07 - 3.97 miles of Kenyan Way Hills, Blog Entry

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