Monday, May 26, 2008

Will's Hills 16 - Memorial day 1200s, 700s, 500s

Warm Up, Will's Hills 1200s, 700s, 500s - Max HR = 137.

I wish all Mondays could be this way. Today is Memorial Day, and Julie and I have a day off from work. I dragged her to Will's Hills, probably against her will, but I didn't give her a chance to voice an opinion! I got a kick out of introducing her to the crew. Cory even brought his son Cameron and Cameron's friend, Rory. We ran my favorite Will's Hill's workout, 1200 (3MR), 700 (2MR), 500 (1MR), 1200 (3MR), 700 (2MR), 500 (1MR), 1200. I ran with Julie, and we were in the middle of the pack today. Normally I like to try to keep up with Will on workouts like these, but of course I'm unsuccessful.

Afterwards we did an intense regimen of core exercises and stretching. I usually have to skip the post-run routine so I can get to work, but today was different. Julie and I left, exhausted, and headed to Empire Cafe. All in all it was a great day.

TDLY - 5/26/07 - Memorial Park for Memorial Day Weekend, 6.06 miles, 56:11, 9:16 pace, Avg HR = 144, Max HR = 156. I had some back problems that day, something I haven't really had to deal with since then. Blog Entry.

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