Saturday, May 17, 2008

2008 Ogden Marathon

I'll let Cory post his race account before I comment on the race. I don't want to take away from his thunder. But I will say a marathon is a battle, and I'm proud that he chose me to pace him in his battle.

TDLY - 5/14/07 - Kenyan Way Warm Up, Hills and Warm Down, Max HR = 178, Avg HR = 148, Blog Entry.
5/15/07 - Rice and Hermann, 4.99 miles, 42:05, 8:26 pace, Avg HR = 157, Max HR = 178, Blog Entry
5/16/07 - KW Warmup, and Time Trial, .98 miles, 6:42, 6:48 pace, Max HR = 179, Avg HR = 165. During a Kenyan Way session you will complete three time trials to monitor your progress. Unfortunately, the courses are slightly different each time, and weather conditions vary significantly. Blog Entry.
5/17/07 - Rice and Hermann, 7.33 miles, 1:04:33, 8:48 pace, Max HR = 158, Avg HR = 150, 36% Z4, 60% Z3. I don't remember this run, but it appears to be a good one. In my blog entry from that day, I said that I felt as though I turned a corner. In general I've never been a morning person, but running has changed that for me. This was one of my first morning runs. As running began to take more of my time and became more important to me, I started running in the morning so it would not interfere with other aspects of my life. Blog Entry.

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