Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Morning Full Moon Run

4.01 Miles, 32:02, 7:59 pace, Max HR = 158, Avg HR = 138, 5% Z4, 66% Z3, 25% Z2

I managed to get up early enough this morning to run a few miles, despite hitting the snooze a few times. Since I went to the Astros game after work, I knew that the AM was the only time I could squeeze in the miles. (By the way, the Astros beat the Cubs 4-2 on a Hunter Pence grand slam.)

The moon was full this morning as I hit the park. My legs are still sore from the marathon, so it took a while to get up to speed.
9:00, 7:49, 7:46, 7:23

I guess it's the time of year, but thousands of bugs are swarming all around. I'm pretty sure I inhaled at least one and one ended up in my eye. I guess I'll handle this like I handled all of my other running obstacles -- rain, wind, heat, hills . . . you gotta be strong. Bugs!? I guess I have to be strong about that too. Or perhaps I'll start running with a mask like Michael Jackson.

TDLY - 5/20/07 - LSU Lakes, 6.76 miles, 1:00:08, 8:53 pace, Max HR = 177, Avg HR = 161, 5% Z5, 30% Z4, 61% Z3. This run was a milestone for me because it was the first time I ever ran around the LSU Lakes, a popular running route in Baton Rouge. Blog Entry.

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Kevin said...

As long as you don't handle the bugs by screaming at a high pitch and waving your arms wildly, you should be OK.