Saturday, October 25, 2008


Su - 21.42
M - 10.11
Tu - 16.47M
W - 16.39M (6.14M AM, 6.07 before PIM, 4.18M after PIM)
Th - 10.04M AM, 10+M PM (no record because my watch died)
F - Rest
Sa - 20.78M AM

Weekly total = 105.21M


I always wanted to see what it was like to run 100 miles in one week, and this week seemed like my best opportunity. It's a while before my next race, giving me plenty of chance to recover in case something happens. I'm in top form, based on recent races, my heart rate during training runs, and the general feeling I have about my fitness level. So I gave it a go, and it wasn't that hard.

The negative stuff first:
1) I should qualify that this is sort of cheating, because I ran my long run on Sunday, and the next long run on Saturday, thereby squeezing two long runs into one week.
2) Top athletes regularly run 140M per week, so I'm under no illusions that I'm doing anything special.
3) This is very time consuming. It took me 14 hours, 43 minutes, 33 seconds to run all of these miles.
4) Most of my easy runs started out REALLY slow for the first mile (9-10 minute miles)

The positive stuff:
1) I felt great. In fact there was never a moment where I was overly tired or slightly injured. In fact, the only thing I had going against me was the unwise decision to descend 58 flights of stairs on Monday, thanks to the fire alarm at my office. This caused burning in my quads at the beginning of runs until Wednesday night.
2) My body could handle this for multiple weeks in a row, although I doubt my schedule could do so. If I did manage to find time, I'd have to dispense with one of my two speed sessions like I did this week. Typically I run fast on Thursdays, but that was out the door.
3) Speaking of speed work, I managed to squeeze a race into the the week (Tuesday's Tour de Bayou)
4) Once upon a time, not so long ago, a "run" meant three miles -- and it wasn't hard but it wasn't easy. Then that three moved to six before I really felt like I was doing a run and felt challenged. Now that's ten. I can run ten miles non-stop at any time now, limited only by my schedule and not by my fitness or fatigue.
5) I actually managed to squeeze a rest day (Friday) into the mix.
6) I was really concerned about doing my Saturday long run on tired legs, but the combination of Friday's rest and my general endurance make Saturday's workout a cake walk, despite finishing the last fourteen at an easy 7:19 pace with only one brief stop.

This week I'll come back down from those heights and post about 50 or 60 miles total. I was originally going to run a 30K race in Dallas on 11/16, but I think that's going to change in lieu of the 25K on 11/9. The 52-38 thrashing of LSU by UGA convinced me not to drive into Baton Rouge for the Alabama game on 11/8, leaving me free to run the HMSA 25K on 11/9. If all goes well it will be my last proving ground before the Houston Marathon.

Health note -- I briefly complained about my right foot. A tendon running from my big toe to the heel has a small bump on it, causing it to be sore to the touch but not painful when running. It also causes symptoms similar to plantar fasciitis, but I'm ok once I stretch my feet out in bed before I get up. I'll monitor this over the next couple of weeks, but I have a strong suspicion that it's because of my shoes. I'm cycling through about five pairs of shoes right now -- none have less than 300 miles and some have more than 500 miles on them.

105.21M, 14:43:33, under 8:30 pace overall

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Cory said...

Way to hit triple digits, Jonathan. You're now certifiable! ha!