Wednesday, October 29, 2008

PIM Speed Work

10.16M, 1:29:22, 8:47 pace, includes 4x800

Today started off poorly from a training perspective. I found myself awake and alert at about 1AM, with no chance to go back to sleep. I fooled around on the computer (running stuff) and watched some TV. Suddenly it was 3:30AM. As you can imagine, my planned ten miles at 5AM turned into a snooze fest.

Today's PIM session was a challenging one. 4x800 on the black top track at Memorial Park. I've emphasized to my PIMsters that running on a track is the "real deal". Perhaps that's just my take on it, but I certainly get motivated when I'm running the oval.

1M warmup
3:00 800
3:11 jogging 400 for rest
3:25 800
3:12 jogging 400 for rest
3:30 800
3:07 jogging 400 for rest
3:32 800
appx 2M warm down.

I tried to engage my PIMsters throughout the run, dispensing motivational advice and trying to help through the kick. I try to be careful because that sort of feedback quickly becomes aggrivating when you're doing speed work.

After PIM I went out for a little more than a lap with Jack at about 7:50 pace. He keeps me up-to-date on the local events. I always try to get an update on Diana's progress (she kicked butt in the half this weekend) and other Tornado runners. Our club is looking really strong this year.

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