Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I appreciate the fact that people take time to read this blog, and to comment. I've done a poor job replying to the comments, so I want to take the opportunity to reply to some of those comments in this post. A shortcoming of this blogging tool is that you have to click the comments section after each blog in order to read the comments. I'd prefer the comments to be displayed by default, so if anyone knows how to do that I'd appreciate it.

8/30/2007 Regarding Race, (Short) Long Run, Fun Run all in one day:
Kevin said...
What you failed to mention is that the "pub run" was the New Orleans Hash House Harriers Red Dress Run. Were you wearing a red dress? How about some pictures?

Guilty as charged. Pictures -- I don't think so.

10/11/2007 Regarding The Threshold of Motivation
Kevin said...
Nuthin' hang in there. You are doing awsome. My fat ass certainly could not keep up with you right now.
Suggestion for hydration: get a 1 liter Nalgene bottle and fill it with water in the morning. Work hard to drink it before lunch, even if you have to chug it right before lunch. Then fill it up after lunch and drink it all before you leave work. Finally fill it a third time when you get home and work to drink it before you go to bed. Yes you will pee a bunch but that is a good thing. Any way, keep up the good work.

Water sucks. I can't bring myself to hydrate throughout the day on just water. So now I drink G2 Gatorade with some frequency. It only has 100 calories (1 mile of running) per quart.

11/3/07 Regarding Sweet Home Alabama
Cory said...
Great run, Jonathan!

I've found that gloves are essential in cooler temperatures. For me, gloves seem to be the most important cold weather gear. If my hands are warm, it seems that the rest of my body is usually okay. I picked up a $5 "disposable" pair at a running store before the marathon with the intention of tossing them to the side during the run. However, I ended up keeping them on until the end even almost every other runner had taken their's off by the end. I'm glad that I had them and I'm happy that I kept them. They've come in handy on a few runs since then.

The thermometer already dipped to 60 degrees this fall, and I'm going to wear gloves each and every time it's that "cold", even if I'm running without a shirt. I don't understand how my hands can sweat and be numb from cold at the same time. Maybe I need wicking gloves.

11/11/07 Regarding More Race Info
Cory said...
While training this past summer, I wondered how temperature and humidity impact times. I found a few different ideas. The one that seems to be close to accurate for me is:
For every degree over 60, add 1 second per mile to pace.
Looking back at my long runs and even shorter tempo runs, this adjustment for temperature works fairly well.
Of course, this doesn't account for humidity. I found a suggested formula that uses heat index (which of course considers temperature and humidity) but didn't find that it translated well for me and it can only be used when temperatures exceed 80.

The dork in me wants to gather a bunch of data and fit it into a multivariable equation to spit out the predictor adder to any temperature/humidity combination. I can't believe something like that isn't out there. It seems like a relatively simple exercise.

3/8/2008 Regarding Bayou City Classic 10K
Gaslight ;-) said...
I think I beat you in the beer drinking, but it's okay because I'm not in your age group.

I accept your challenge (or at least I misinterpreted it as a challenge). Let's take this up at the beer mile or next year's Bayou City Classic 10K.

4/26/2008 Regarding 2008 Festival International 5K
elf said...
Congratulations on the new PR! Sounds like an outstanding race! Hope you had fun at Jazz Fest--watch out for the Hand Grenades... :)

I used to enjoy Hand Grenades until I drank one before I got drunk. Under that scenario it doesn't take long to realize that it's not exactly top shelf liquor.

4/27/08 Regarding Three Miles, Two Dogs, One Race
mccainiac said...
Very funny and well written! Whose dogs were they?

My mother has two mutts which are primarily labs. They're loyal, but they like to measure their affection in terms of gallons of saliva.

5/20/08 Regarding Morning Full Moon Run
Kevin said...
As long as you don't handle the bugs by screaming at a high pitch and waving your arms wildly, you should be OK.

I won't be doing that, but it wouldn't be too out of place in my neighborhood.

5/29/08 Regarding Late Evening Ten+
RTL said...
Hi. I leave downtown to go running at Memorial Park or with Kenyan Way each evening - so let me know if ever need a ride.

It's a very kind offer, but I don't know who you are. Your blog, Run Travel Live, is pretty cool. Even though I drive these days, I still like to carpool so maybe I can take you up on that offer at some point.

6/8/08 Regarding Mostly Alone Long(ish) Run
Anonymous said...
Thanks for the nice comments. I also like to tour neighbborhoods, and hate the Memorial stretch. To miss it, when you leave River Oaks, cross Shepherd bridge, then cross Memorial, turn left toward the park then a quick right, up the hill on Sandman beside Depelchin. Go about 4-5 blocks north, then and take a left down Blossom to the park. There is a trail from Crestwood into the park that will get your new shoes dirty. It was nice meeting you, one of the fun things about our sport.

Whenever possible I take that route these days, but I usually don't run through the crestwood trail because of the constant ankle-deep mud that you referenced.

6/16/08 Regarding Will's Hills 22 - 200 Meter Relays
Cory said...
The high school guys are fast. But my general observation is that they rarely have a concept of pacing nor do they exhibit strong endurance.
Having said that I'll acknowledge that they're still faster than I am!
I recognize their flaws because I was exactly like that when I ran XC in high school ... many, many moons ago.

It was that exact thought that made me think that I'd finish second (not fourth) at the last Tour de Bayou. But those two kids dropped the hammer in the second half instead of faded. They both ran a strong race.

6/30/08 Regarding Massage Run, Bug Eating and Passing Etiquette
Anonymous said...
Most of the time, it's some three mile warrior out doing his one loop. I just keep my own pace and wait for them to burn out on the new pace that they won't handle, anyway. But if I'm in a nasty and playful mood. I like to run up next to them and pretend I'm giving it all I've got, then try to lure them into going even faster and ruining their run. It's fun - try that next time.

These last few days I've been running some really easy recovery miles (9-10:30) and I'm getting passed quite a bit. It piques my competitive spirit, but not nearly like when I'm going fast and get passed. That happened when Lea Carruthers passed me last Thursday, but I didn't have anything in the tank to accept her challenge.

7/1/08 Regarding Controversy
Kevin said...
As one of the the three readers of your blog, you should do a post every once in a while with the Google Analytic stats for the "Run for Speed" website. I love Google Analystics.

Absolutely. I've been meaning to do so.

7/2/08 Regarding A Tale of Two Runs
Lucho said...
Jonathon- Hydration has a profound effect on how you feel. Performance and the numbers aside. Hydrating well ups your energy and lowers your HR and BP. I have found with most of my athletes that they drink roughly 1/3 what they should be when they're training hard in the summer. The 1 liter before every run still probably isn't enough! It can take days to rehydrate after becoming dehydrated.
Have you considered having blood testing done to find your AeT? AeT is your physiological marathon limit and is the point that your blood lactate levels are at 2.0mmol.. Training at this intensity produces great results.
Keep up the good fight!

Hydration is a battle for me because I actively dislike drinking water. But I'm going to take it more seriously going forward because I can feel the difference.
Regarding the AeT test, the first time I read your email I incorrectly assumed it was a static measurement of my marathon potnetial. I didn't wan't to know that, becuse it would be akin to knowing when you're going to die. Who wants to know their wall, because the incentive to push past that goes away? But of course the measurement isn't static and you talk about how to train in the right zone to increase your AeT.
My problem is that I'm cheap, and I don't want to pay for the blood tests. I've read of ways to plot heart rate against pace and determine when the relationship ceases to be linear. That inflection point tells you something, but I can't remember what it is and I can't find that online anywhere.
Any ideas for a cheap guy like me who wants to find his AeT?

8/4/08 Regarding Twelve Mile Monday
Kevin said...
I think TDLY stoppage is OK since you are starting to get to a point where you were actually running pretty good. May be throw one in about once ever two weeks for reference.

I dropped TDLY (This Day Last Year) like a bad habit and never reconsidered. It took too much time and added too little value.

8/10/08 Regarding 18M Tornado Long Run
RunColo said...
Your Avg. Heart Rate is low, good sign.
Good luck with you goal to break 3. I did last year for the first time at Denver Marathon.
Looks like your training is right on.

Thanks for your encouragement. It's always nice to get a shout out from a stranger, particularly one who knows what it takes to break the three hour barrier. I know you're disappointed with your 2:57:34 Denver Marathon PR three days ago. I'm upset every time I race even if it's the race of my life. There is something about running that draws me irrestibly to the light: no matter how good I do, I still could have done better. Best wishes.

8/11/08 Regarding Cerebral Run
Gaslight ;-) said...
I thought you were from BR, but idn't know that you did time in Norcross!
Before I moved to TX in 1981, I went to school (and church) here: (their real website appears to be down)

rw said...
Jon- Rockin' through '92! Go (Geaux) Blue Devils! I cannot believe I've come across your blog. I hope you're doing well - sounds like your running life is. Somehow we'll have to reconnect. I'm no blogger nor facebooker just good ol' email. It's been way too long... Randall W., NHS '92

Chad Moore said...
Chad Moore, here! Randall sent me an email about your blog. Never had seen that video, but still love "Forever Young" by Alphaville! You introduced me to that song. It brings back good memories from high School. It had been a long time since I had heard it - thanks for taking me back. I might have to post that video on Facebook, which I recently joined. I had searched for you about a week ago, but no sign of you on facebook. Would be cool to see you on there, and you can feed in your current blog, etc. If you are ever near Tulsa, OK...better let me know - and you have a place to stay. Really enjoyed reading your blog, too! And I am very pleased that you are doing so well. I sincerely hope we can catch up.
P.S. I can do a marathon in under 3! ;)
(3 days, that is!)
(Come to think of it, that would be like over 8 miles a day! Yikes! Forget that! Make it 3 weeks, and I am pretty sure I could do long as I could take some long breaks, eat, sleep, etc...)

Gaslight -- I'm pretty sure I competed against GACS in something (Math Team, Quiz Bowl, Swimming?). I drove by the school often but never really knew anybody there.

Randall -- Good to hear from you! Get my email address from Chad and drop me a line so I have your address. (That way you don't have to post it here for spammers to snag.) Some of my more vivid memories in High School are related to the OSS (Old South Society) and tailgating up for our high school football games. Do you remember the time the vice principal "busted" us for tailgating and forced us to pour out our iced tea? Yea, we were real trouble-causers. No telling what direction we would have headed in life without his intervention. How's your tennis game these days?

Chad -- I'm a facebook wimp. At one point I discovered that someone opened up a facebook (or maybe myspace) account with my email address, but set it up for the actor Jonathan Bennett. I'll try to get up to Tulsa. You've visited me a couple of times and I never returned the favor. Maybe I can try the Tulsa marathon. I'll shoot for 3 days and you can shoot for three hours.

8/23/08 Regarding Hood to Coast, Leg 9
Gaslight ;-) said...
I had no idea that you were running HTC-who was on your team? I reminisced about the event and its weather fondly during setup for Party in the Park on Saturday.

I got lucky. My best friend runs on a corporate team who needed someone. So he was the only person I knoew, and everyone was from Oregon. Their team is guaranteed a spot, and all runner are guaranteed to be included on the team so long as they don't skip a year. After experiencing HTC, especially with this team, they are going to have a hard time getting rid of me.

8/27/08 Regarding Vibram Five Fingers
Kevin said...
Nice feet! Can you still wear a toe ring with those shoes?
I would think that the bottom of your feet will have to adapt to the rocks and such but I would take some time and some sore feet to be able to do it.

Cory said...
I've had my eye on these for some time. Even talked to Randy and Christina about them the last time I saw you in Conroe.
Same concept as "Sasha" wearing Crocs to run. He actually graduated to 5 Fingers and has over 500 miles on them. From that, I suspect you'll get your money's worth.
Keep me posted on how they're doing for you.

Cruisinaltitude said...
I have a pair and love them. It is funny that they make a shoe to feel like you are running barefooted. Why not just run barefooted? hehe...

Melanie said...
Wow, these are ridiculously crazy! I wonder what Forrest Gump would say. . . .

Kevin -- yes, my feet are nice. I haven't tried to wear a toe ring concurrently, but the thought has crossed my mind.

Cory -- so far so good. I even raced a Tour de Bayou race in them. But other than that I haven't logged many miles and I think I'm going to put them down until the Houston marathon is over.

Crusin -- Thanks for reading! Good point, particularly since my feet tend to get hot in these shoes. I LOVE your customer service blog.

Melanie -- You pointed out one of the main reasons why I bought these shoes -- because people think they're crazy. Incidentally, my reference to Vibram Five Fingers gets plenty of google hits.

8/30/08 Regarding Bad Start for the Weekend
Kevin said...
A runner's diet book review that you might find interesting.
You might schelude yourself a two or three day down time.
We certainly missed you at the game, there was a good turn out at the game for being a 10AM with a storm heading our way. Good luck, my mileage took a dive but i am going to be getting back on it.

KCWoodhead said...
I UNDERSTAND!!! I don't feel like doing anything right now! This morning did help put a pep back in my step though with the humidity so far down at a beautiful 70%.

To both of you: YES, the weather change has put a spring in my step, and I'm feeling re-energized. Keep up the good fight with the training!

9/6/08 Regarding Week in Review
Randall W said...
Jon, I hope you and your family are doing well through Ike and its damage. Houston looks like it was roughed up a bit. That was a nasty storm. You may be running over debris for a months. You and your whole community are in our thoughts and prayers.

Gaslight ;-) said...
Dude, where ARE you? Are you saying that your lights are still out? Bring on the juice!

Randall--We were extremely lucky. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

Gaslight--Blogging via my cell phone wasn't an option. But Comcast got the boot and now I'm flying high with AT&T.

9/29/08 Regarding Quick Update
Kevin said...
It is about time you got back to posting. I know how it is, I have actually not had time to even check my personal emails due to work getting in the way.

Anonymous said...
Do you know what I have had to read since September 6th? The news!?! Don't ever let this happen again, mister.

It's nice to be appreciated, even if I'm considered a diversion to reality. Does anyone know a place where I could work that would be difficult for me to check my work emails with my personal life getting in the way?

10/12/08 Regarding 10M Lakeshore Run Race
Kevin said...
Hey great race and great re-cap of the race. It was actually just the right lenght and kept me interested through out the whole article. I usually glaze over some of the blog that I read.
I might actually wait around at Houston this year to see you finish at 3:00. I am shooting for 1:45 in the half this year.
Cajun Cup 10K November 8th, you could hit it on the way to see the Tigers play.
I all ways feel like I am in the presence of greatness whenever I am around Kevin Castille. When I first started running, I took a running class at Red's. Guess who was teaching it? Yep, Kevin. He is an amazing runner and a heck of a nice guy. He certainly makes it look easy. He spend some time in Stork's hood running when he was trying to qualify for the Olympics.
Anywho, keep up the good work.

RTL said...
Ditch heavy socks (and tape) strategies for avoiding blisters. On race day all you need to do is always apply Vaseline to entire clean foot and use usual clean lightweight runners socks. (You already apply it to other parts that rub…). You will never get blisters with this trick, and no - feet don't slide around out of control! Also - everyone I know, and from own experience, regret compromising shoe weight in a marathon. A lot of my training is on trails and soft ground so I have to build up in last few month to survive pounding of running on concrete for 26.2 miles. So I need a more substantial ASIC with gel in forefoot which I'm landing on each stride. I think you'd have to do all training on concrete to get away with a racing flat for a marathon - and few can do that training program without injury. Or some inserts in a racing flat may be a compromise.

Anonymous said...
Great race and read. Jenny mentioned the blog tonight and thx for the props. I hope to be with you and other Sub3 come Houston. You're right on track. I'm a pronator and need the extra motion control. Their is some truth to the mental part. I chalk it up to it being the right day and being prepared. Announcing your goals works well. I'd always downplayed my race goals and settled for reaching attainable goals. RunBayou alias Chip Tyme got me to announce that if breaking 3 was my goal that I should say it proudly. The great thing about running is that there is positive feedback when you're times get lower. The better your time the more willing you are to train harder.
Good luck.
Avi Moss

Kevin -- I welcome the extra pressure of you waiting for me at the Hoston Marathon. One more reason to stay on track when I'm lagging at mile 22. And knowing that about Kevin Castille, I'm going to make a more concerted effort to engage him in conversation next time I see him.

RTL -- Thanks for the advice. Actually I don't use any sort of lubricant for any part of my body, so lubing up the toes would be a first. I decided on a 30K in Dallas (Nov 16) as a test ground for my shoes. If they pass, I'll wear them for the marathon. If not, I'll run with trainers.

Avi -- I use fear of failure as a motivating factor, so the fear is amplified when my goal is announced. (Even though nobody out there really cares if I hit the goal.) I'll be in Baton Rouge this weekend looking to do 20. If you get this in time, join me. I'm hoping to run seven before the organized tailgate run of 13.1, which means I'll start a bit more than an hour before their start time from the Baton Rouge Beach.

9/13/08 Regarding 6 Miles in the Neighborhood
KCWoodhead said...
Check out this:
And then this:

Anonymous said...
Okay, Jonathan, this whole "how fast can you run a mile all-out" is really eating at you, isn't it? Just hold it for six months...track season's coming!

KCWoodhead -- EXCELLENT reads. This just goes to confirm an adage of running. No matter how unique it seems to you, another more experienced runner has been down that path. I just wish there was more research and training methods on mental training.

Anonymous -- LOL. I'm seriously considering dumping marathon training for 1M-13M races after this marathon is over.

10/19/08 - If A Tree Falls in the Woods
Cory said...
Jonathan -
What plan are you following for your marathon training cycle? It seems a bit "anything goes" but knowing you there's got to be at least a framework that it's built on.

Nope . . . it's pretty much anything goes these days. I'm running by feel. More miles if I'm feeling good, less if I'm not. Faster/Slower depending on feel. I do have a loose framework of speed work on Tuesday evenings (typically 800s) and Tempo Runs on Thursdays (typically 3-4 miles). But everything has been in flux since the hurricane, and I haven't been sticking to my schedule like I'd like. Over the next two weeks I'll tally up a bunch of miles before tapering prior to a 30K race on Nov 16. After that I'll tighten the regimen and go by the book.


Anonymous said...

Sat. ~6:30am at BR beach for pre-loop Avi

Jonathan said...

Avi -- I'll see you there.

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