Monday, June 30, 2008

Massage Run, Bug Eating and Passing Etiquette

5.29 miles, 44:31, 8:24 pace, Max HR = 140, Avg HR = 124, 13% Z4, 77% Z2, 77 degrees, 79% humidity

Massage Run
As my wife was leaving for work today she told me it was cool outside. Momentarily I had visions of a brisk breeze and long sleeves . . . until I realized I live in Houston. Yes, "cool" is a relative term, but I suppose it was nicer today than normal.

I headed out for a five mile jaunt at a recovery pace. This is part of my new two-a-day regimen, where my Monday morning run is very easy in order to work out some of the stiffness from Sunday's long run. I once read that these very easy runs (Zone 2) work like a massage by gently stimulating your muscles. I don't know if that's true because I've never had a massage. Well -- I did have a quick calf rubdown shortly after finishing the Houston Marathon, but I would file that under "less than pleasant".

Bug Eating
No major developments on this run except that I swallowed a small quantity of white bugs at about mile 3. I compensated by reducing the amount of protein powder in my smoothie later that morning.

Passing Etiquette
Just as I was finishing my fourth mile I came behind another runner who had been in my sight for quite some time. Sensing I was there, he picked up the pace. What's a man to do? Of course I accepted the challenge, even though I wanted this to be a very easy run. Regardless, I kicked it up a notch. The problem is that you have to maintain that new level of intensity because this is not a video game. When you pass cars playing Turbo they disappear into digital nothingness, never to be seen again. But if you pass a runner and slow down, you will be embarrassed by that runner passing you back. So I ran about a half mile below an 8:00 pace to shake him.

Every time I pass someone I get the urge to look at my watch. There is absolutely no information on there that I need to know that couldn't wait, but I have to resist taking a glance. It seems rude to me that someone would look at their watch as they pass someone, as if to say "Don't mind me as I ease past you -- I've got a schedule to keep" OR "How can I make this thing keep track of my road kill?

But then again, is it cool to pick up the pace after someone passes you?

I suppose all is fair in love and war . . . and running is both love and war.

TDLY - 6/30/07 - Run to Onion Creek, 8.43 miles, 1:15:23, 8:56 pace, max HR = 166, avg HR = 149, 34% Z4, 61% Z5. A run to Onion Creek for a bite to eat. No blog entry (I took a month off from blogging last year.)

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Anonymous said...

Most of the time, it's some three mile warrior out doing his one loop. I just keep my own pace and wait for them to burn out on the new pace that they won't handle, anyway. But if I'm in a nasty and playful mood. I like to run up next to them and pretend I'm giving it all I've got, then try to lure them into going even faster and ruining their run. It's fun - try that next time.