Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Warm Up, 3 min fast, 4.5 min fast, 4.5 min fast, 3 min fast, Warm Down, no HR info

3:02 = .53 miles = 5:43 pace
4:33 = .74 miles = 6:04 pace
4:31 = .74 miles = 6:06 pace
3:05 = .52 miles = 5:55 pace

The name for the Tornados Running Club was chosen because it symbolized speed and carries a connotation of destruction.

I ran a speed workout with the Tornados today, and I'd like to suggest that there is yet another justification for the name. We will run in any weather conditions, including drenching rains and tornado-like conditions.

The rain came down so hard today that my "waterproof" Garmin flooded. Luckily no damage was done. While running along Memorial, cars would hit puddles and send a wall of water our direction that was taller than we were. Puddles were everywhere, and a tree was arching low which required ducking. None of this led to "good" times, but it didn't really matter.

As I've said before, I like running in the rain. And I particularly liked running in it with my fellow Tornados.

TDLY - 6/17/08 - Morning Run around Rice. 4.56 Miles, 39:04, 8:33 pace, Max HR = 164, Avg HR = 143. Blog Entry.

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