Thursday, June 12, 2008

Threshold Run

2.00M Warm Up
3.01 miles, 20:10, 6:41 pace, no HR info, 6:38, 6:50, 6:35, no HR info
1.42M Warm Down

It's been a while since I pushed myself through a threshold run, mainly because it's my least favorite run. I don't mind a 20 miler, and I don't mind a dozen reps of speed work. But for some reason I have a real difficult time running for a long time at a tempo pace.

Today's mission, suggested by a Tornado coach, was 2M warm up, 4M threshold, 2M Warm down.

I'm not really sure what my threshold pace is, since my last 5K is a full minute off of my PR 5K. But I estimate it's between 6:25 and 6:45 in this weather. Ideally I'd have a better picture of my threshold pace after running today, except I still can't find my heart rate monitor.

Regardless, I didn't accomplish today's mission. After attending a wine tasting event after work, it was difficult to get out of the house at all. But I didn't drink much so I didn't want to give myself a pass this evening, particularly since I skipped Will's Hills this morning due to some residual soreness.

The mission was four miles at tempo, but I scaled that back to two. About one mile into the run I decided to make it three. Overall pace = 6:41 -- which is probably a good start given my relatively log layoff from threshold runs. Perhaps I could have handled another mile at that pace, but the contents of my stomach were starting to disagree with the current course of action, so I backed down.

Soaking with sweat, I headed back to the house in an attempt to get some sleep before Will's Hills.

TDLY - 6/12/07 - Rest Day. Blog Entry.

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