Monday, June 9, 2008

Twisted Run

1.36 Miles, 11:10, 8:11 pace, 1 twisted ankle

I ran through the trails of Hogg Park for the first time since the Tour de Bayou,and twisted my left ankle pretty badly at the onset of my run. I seldom run with my iphone, but I did today thank goodness, because I called Julie to come pick me up. I iced the ankle and took some ibuprofen. I expect to be ok by tomorrow, but you never know. (This is the opposite ankle than my achilles issue.)

Speaking of the Tour de Bayou, I never reported on the results. My cumulative time over all five races was 2:04:33. That places me at sixth overall out of 28 men and 12 women on non-adjusted times. However, these races are age-graded, which attempts to equalize the disadvantage older athletes have. My time isn't adjusted because I'm in my "prime", but older athletes have seconds and minutes removed from their time. On an age graded basis I finished eleventh overall (behind two women).

Congratulations to Adam Jackson (44) who was the overall winner on an adjusted and non-adjusted basis.

Official Results.

I'm looking forward to the fall series.

TDLY - 6/9/07 - It looks like I was drunk if you view my route during my Highland Park Run, 3.65 miles, 34:11, 9:22 pace, Max HR = 165, Avg HR = 152, 59% Z4, 37% Z3. Blog Entry.

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