Friday, June 13, 2008

Will's Hills 21 - W's

4.15 miles including warm up

We ran W's today, which is essentially a route that looks like a W when viewed from above. Each pen strike is a hill. The agenda called for 23 straight minutes, but I bowed out at 20 minutes and walked the mile back to the car because my Achilles started acting up. I think it was a wise decision, because it is now 1:47PM and I don't feel any pain.

I think this will be my strategy from now on: don't run long distances on back-to-back days, ice/ibuprofen when it hurts, and quit the intense workouts as soon as I start to feel the pain. Who needs a doctor!?

TDLY - 6/13/07 - Kenyan Way 8x300 and 800, no watch. Blog Entry.

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Cory said...

Hey Jonathan -

A week or so ago I while researching IT band syndrome, I saw something on achilles tendonitis. Something in the symptoms jumped out at me that made me think of you. You mentioned a bump on the side of your achilles, right? The symptoms of achilles tendonitis that I saw had this as a primary symptom.

Sorry that I don't have a link for you. Have you considered that achilles tendonitis may be what you're dealing with?