Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Kenyan Nights #12 - 8x300m and a half mile time trial

Today we ran 8x300m with about 90 seconds to 120 seconds of rest. Once that was over, we rested five minutes and ran an 800.

Since I didn't have my GPS watch today, I didn't get any splits on the 300s. But Sean called out the times and I averaged around 66 seconds for each one.

I followed Sean's advice on the 800, and didn't use my arms for the 400m "out". I kicked it in at the half point and really pushed hard for the remaining 100m . . . for a 2:47. I have no idea how accurate the measurements were, but I'm pretty satisfied with my effort and my body feels great just a few hours afterwards.

no HR info . . . no watch

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