Saturday, June 16, 2007

Breaking the Barrier

10.19 miles, 1:30:11, 8:51 pace, Avg HR = 143, Max HR = 163
My mission today was to break 90 minutes and/or 10 miles. I've never run that far or long before, and I hit some serious mental and physical resistance on my long run last weekend. But I brought along a small bottle of some sort of "energy" supplement in case I hit the wall, and an MP3 player for motiviation.

After 1:30:11 and 10.19 miles (8:51 pace), I was done. And it wasn't nearly as hard as I though it would be. I managed negative splits almost the entire way, and ran a 8:12 pace over the last .94 of my run.

9:48, 9:23, 9:15, 9:04, 8:51, 8:43, 8:26, 8:21, 8:18, 8:28, 1:20 (.18 miles, 7:24 pace)

For the first time I belive I could complete a half marathon. But I'll tackle that if and when I crack 20 minutes for my 5k.

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