Thursday, June 7, 2007

Crossed My Threshold

I planned to run a 6 mile threshold run with a friend tonight at a 7:40 pace. He's faster than me, and I'm grounded in reality -- so I didn't expect to be able to hold on the whole time. I figured I'd let him go after the first lap of Memorial (3 miles). What I didn't factor in was my fatigue and muscle soreness from yesterday.

I managed to hold on for just under a mile . . . at a 7:30 pace. After that I let him go and jogged the remaining 1.9 miles at a 8:19 pace. These times are inexact since I loaned my watch to my speedy partner, but overall: 2.9 Miles at a 8:02 pace.

Afterwards I walked for about 20 minutes and ran back to the starting point for about 8 minutes . . . probably a little over a mile.

I think I'll take tomorrow completely off. This works out well since I'll be travelling, but the real reason is to recoup my motivation. I've been running very hard this week, and today is the first time I didn't enjoy it since those first couple of weeks when I started running three months ago.

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