Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Will's Hills 20 - Four Mile Repeats

Warm Up, 4x1M with .6M recovery jog, Warm Down. No HR info.

I think this is the most difficult of all speed workouts. Running a mile four times as fast as you can maintain with minimal recovery is not for wimps.

I did OK today, although I've done better in the recent past.
5:32 rest
5:10 rest
5:35 rest

The course was marked for exactly a mile, but my Garmin picked each one up at .96 miles. But its a somewhat hilly course, so perhaps I should consider it a wash. I'd like to be at a point right now where I could do these at 5:45. But there is only one way to make that happen, and wishing is not that way.

TDLY - 6/11/07 - Kenyan Way Hills. Blog Entry.

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