Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First Speed Workout with the Tornados

2M, 2.25M speed work, 2M warm down

I didn't wear my watch today, which makes me feel half naked. Perhaps it's a good think to free myself from the watch from time to time, but I'm not convinced that's true.

The workout was a 2M warm up followed by 3x4:30 with three minutes of rest between reps. 4:30 was chosen because it equates to a quarter mile at a 6:00 pace. And since people of various paces were running, stopping after a certain time keeps us all on the same clock.

That being said, I don't know how far I went but I'm pretty sure I was running a bit faster than a 6:00 pace, and I think I did a fair job running all three at about the same speed.

(After elevating and icing my twisted ankle last night, and sleeping with four tight socks on (for compression), it didn't bother me on this run. I wouldn't have been good for the lateral movement require by soccer, but I was fine to run.)

TDLY - 6/10/07 - LSU Lakes and Garden District, 8.61 miles, 1:18:59, 9:10 pace, max HR = 159, Avg HR = 151, 45% Z4, 42% Z3. Except for the first mile, I had all positive splits. Mile five was the breaking point. Blog Entry.

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