Thursday, June 26, 2008

Morning Threshold

2.03 mile warm up, 9:09 pace
4.00 mile threshold, 26:38, 6:39 pace, Max HR = 171 (90% Max), Avg HR = 159 (83% Max)
3.43 mile warm down, 31:39, 9:14 pace

Two words: slow & tough.

I've pounded out 46.6 miles in the past five days, and tomorrow is a much needed rest day. Ideally I would have run this threshold run in the evening to squeeze out just a bit more recovery, but I'm going to the Astros/Rangers game with a friend later today. He brings his family to Houston every year about this time to visit his family, and they celebrate his son's birthday at the ballpark.

I'm divided between the Rangers, who I came to support when I moved to Dallas, and the Astros, which was my team as a youngster. In reality, baseball players are so transient these days that I'm hard pressed to care about any professional "team". I expend all of my team loyalty on my Fightin' Tigahs of LSU. (Did I mention that the women's track team won the National Championship!)

Regarding this workout -- as a result of the mileage and the morning run, this one was slower than my target of 6:30. I want to get this to about 6:20-6:25 over five miles pretty quickly. We shall see.

TDLY - 6/26/07 - Rest. No Blog Entry.

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