Saturday, June 28, 2008

River Oaks with Steph and Laurie

gmap link, Appx. 10 miles, Appx 8:45 pace (No Watch)

The gang was sparse today, perhaps because of the 5:30 start time. It was only Laurie, Stephane and me. Stephanie scheduled 19, but my Saturday plans called for 10 so I split off early. The small crowd didn't curtail conversation, and it was a thoroughly enjoyable run. Conversation centered around Triathlons (particularly IronMan Triathlons.) Here's an interesting tidbit: there are no restroom breaks during the 112 mile bike. Use your imagination . . .

I'd like to participate in an IronMan Triathlon in the future -- perhaps in 2009. I supposed I should get on the ball and make my decision, since most of the races fill up a year in advance.

TDLY - 6/27/07 - Morning Run around Hermann, 3.23 miles, 8:18 pace, Max HR = 158, Avg HR = 143, 26% Z4, 57% Z3. I started this run at 5:50 AM -- unheard of for me at that time, but commonplace now. Blog Entry.

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