Monday, June 16, 2008

Will's Hills 22 - 200 Meter Relays

Two-man 200 meter relays for 13 minutes, 3 minute rest, relays for 13 more minutes, no watch

Occasionally Will's Hills meets at the "Dog Bowl" along the bayou to do some speed work. It's named that because it's an informal dog park. And where you find dogs, you also find dog poop.

Through some crazy cosmic twist or divine intervention, I don't think I've ever stepped in any dog presents at the dog bowl. But of course I just doomed myself next time I run there.

Today's workout was a two man relay, each covering 200 meters and resting while your partner runs his leg. I ran with Shane, a senior cross country runner for Bellaire High School. He's a likable guy, as is evidenced by his friends' shirts that read "Beat Shane". Shane is thinking about going to UT San Antonio when he graduates. "Not too close but not too far."

We tore it up, and only a few teams were faster than us. The all-star team was a Will and Brett. Interestingly, I found that the high school guys were generally faster than me in the beginning, but that I held my pace (or sped up) and passed many of them in the second set.

I wish I hadn't forgotten my watch so I could have recorded my splits to see if I really did hold my pace.

TDLY - 6/16/07 - 10.19 miles, 1:30:12, 8:50 pace, Avg HR = 143, Max HR = 163, 23% Z4, 56% Z3. I took a big step forward that day with a new personal record distance and total time running. It was after this run that I knew I could continuously run a half marathon. Blog Entry.


Kevin said...

I wish I could keep up the with you or the high school guys. It is the high school girls that are OK to be behind (just not to far)!

Cory said...

The high school guys are fast. But my general observation is that they rarely have a concept of pacing nor do they exhibit strong endurance.

Having said that I'll acknowledge that they're still faster than I am!

I recognize their flaws because I was exactly like that when I ran XC in high school ... many, many moons ago.

- old geezer