Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Perfect Day

12.05 miles, 1:29:59, 7:28 pace, (7:49 counting my 4:12 break in the middle), Max HR = 157, Avg HR = 139, 23% Z4, 59% Z3, 16% Z2, 76 degrees, 76% humidity

I had a great run today -- the fastest I've run over distance ever since I hurt my Achilles. I'd like to ramble on about the run, which was a great start to my day, but the big story is that today is my sixth anniversary. Fortunately Julie put up with my antics for six years so far.

I was going to elaborate on our day, but I think I'll keep that to myself. Suffice to say -- it was a perfect day.

TDLY - 6/22/07 - My first tempo run - 4.75 miles including warm up and warm down, 7:19 pace over 2.94 miles for threshold, no HR info. Blog Entry.

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