Friday, October 17, 2008

You don't see THAT every day . . .

AM 6.02M, 57:29, 9:32 pace, Max HR = 138, Avg HR = 119
PM 4.02M, 36:12, 9:00 pace, Max HR = 132, Avg HR = 118

. . . unless perhaps you have the pay-per view channels. And even then you don't see it in person.

I got up obscenely early today to get a 6M run in before arriving at the office early to do a last-minute emergency project. So there I was, taking it easy and enjoying the serenity when I notice someone in the distance near the red sculpture along White Oak Bayou. I try to make it a point to say hello to everyone on that trail because, in my opinion, people aren't friendly enough when they are out on that path and I want to change that one person at a time.

So I see what appears to be a homeless man waking up, and I prepare to tell him "good morning" as I pass. But as I get closer it becomes apparent that this is not a homeless man, and he isn't alone. He and his female companion were in an intimate horizontal "hug" (if you get my drift), oblivious to the world.

Now I've always thought that a city skyline can be a romantic sight. Do you remember the scene from Urban Cowboy where the scarlet lady seduces the hero? She takes him into her spacious loft with a great view of the 1980 Houston skyline.

Perhaps our enamoured couple were discussing how great that scene was. One thing led to another, and . . .

Today's morning run was a massage run, so named because it has the effect of a massage by gently utilizing the muscles to get the blood flowing. My pace was really slow, but enjoyable. My heart rate stayed really low, and I felt no ill effects from yesterday's hard four miles.

My PM run was a bit tougher. I've been limiting my caloric intake trying to slowly drop down to race weight (135#). At about 140 I don't really have far to go. But the caloric deficit caught up with me at about mile two or three, and I felt the bottomless pit of hunger hit me. This happened twice before -- once at the White Rock Marathon and once during the Texas Independence Relay. So I cut my run short by two miles and kicked a 7:51 mile home and scarfed down a couple of bowls of cereal and some mashed potatoes. When Julie came home I had a great bowl of Vietnamese noodles at Mai's, Houston's first Vietnamese restaurant. I wanted to reload my carbohydrate supplies for tomorrow's long run.

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