Thursday, October 16, 2008

A PR for a Threshold

2.04M Warm Up at 8:49 pace
4.01M Threshold, 25:03, 6:14 pace, Max HR = 173, Avg HR = 164, 5% Z4, 85% Z4
3.09M Warm Down at 7:49

This is the fastest I've ever run a threshold run before, and I have to give credit to the change in the weather. It was 70 degrees with 78% humidity. It doesn't sound ideal, but it was the first cooler evening we've had this fall. During my last 3/4 of a mile I was passed by a girl in the Tornados. I was introduced to her but I've since forgotten her name. I won't make that mistake again. She's awesome. She ran for Arkansas, and I think she recently graduated. It will be fun to compete and train with her. Go Tornados!

I finished up with a 7:49 pace warm down (with a 7:21 final mile), and some tough core exercises 3x25 pushups, 100 bicycles and 4 minutes of planks (two side, one normal, and one backwards) with leg lifts. I probably need to push myself a bit further in the core department and add some time and repetitions.

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