Thursday, May 24, 2007

Trail of Tears

3.22 miles, 35:08, 10:54 Pace, Avg HR = 164, Max HR = 174

I finally found a free Thursday to join a friend on a trail run in Memorial Park. These trails were meant for bikers, but I don't know how they do it. I had a hard enough time with the sheer drops, mud, sand, low lying branches, and other hazards. It's amazing I didn't get hit by a bicycle.

I don't think the Garmin did a good job of tracking my distance. Others say it's a 2 mi out and back (4 total), but my watch recorded it as 3.22 miles. I think it's probably somewhere between those figures.

Like I said, don't let those numbers fool you because only the time seems right. I was kicking butt and I know my pace was faster than that based on my heart rate. I ran 30 minutes in zone four and 3 minutes in zone five, for quite a workout. At the end I was dripping sweat as I completed my core exercises -- it was so bad that I looked like I was crying.

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