Friday, May 25, 2007

Kenyan Nights #8 - Progress During Progressives

Today we had a progressive run -- slightly more than half mile laps run progressively faster for 20 straight minutes. It's unlike any other KW run to date, in that this taxed my endurance rather than my speed. Of course hills were involved, but there was only one hill to climb on the course, so it didn't factor in significantly.

Lap 1 = 4:40 for 8:58 pace
Lap 2 = 4:20 for 8:30 pace
Lap 3 = 4:18 for 8:26 pace
Lap 4 = 4:00 for 7:51 pace
Lap 5 (partial) = 3:15 for 7:23 pace.

I almost finished Lap 5, and would probably have finished faster if I completed the entire lap because the rest was downhill. But at that pace, the lap would have taken 3:46.

I'm happy with this run, especially since Wednesday's run was so challenging, and Thursday's run did nothing to help my body rest. I've been sore since Wednesday, but I can tell I'm making some serious progress with my running.

Max HR = 181

Check out the cool HR graph below. The fist part is the warmup, and the second part gives you a good idea how I felt.

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