Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Postponed KW

Rain and lightning passed through Houston this afternoon, and I got an email that Kenyan Way was postponed until Thursday. Julie and I took this opportunity to meet up with the Power in Motion Group, who continue to meet informally on Wednesdays at Memorial Park. They were also smart enough not to run, so Julie and I headed to the treadmills at our apartment complex.

This is the last day I want to work out before the Houston Heights 5K on 6/2. Before today's run I didn't have a good idea what my goal will be for the Heights 5k. So I ran 2 quick miles on the treadmill to see if I could maintain a 7:00 pace.

Mile 1 = 7 minutes
Mile 2 = as low as 6:00, and as high as 7:00.

Overall results 2 miles, 13:35, 6:48 pace.

After running this, I decided to set my goal as 22 minutes for the upcoming 5k.

Max HR = 182, Avg HR = 164

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