Saturday, September 15, 2007


5k, 23:40.5, 7:38 min/mile pace, Avg HR = 159, Max HR = 179

My race went well, given the earlier long run that day and the fact that I got a bad cramp right before the first mile marker. I pushed through it and used it as practice, knowing it will be more painful at miles 22-26 of the marathon, and considered that a small victory.

The real story is that my wife finished first place in her age division! Her official time was 23:23.4 and she placed fifth among all women runners. I am extremely proud of her!

quarter mile splits:
1:57 (7:48 pace) - thought I'd keep up with Julie, quickly found out otherwise
1:53 (7:32)
1:53 (7:32)
2:11 (8:44) - cramp, ouch!
2:09 (8:36)
1:56 (7:44) - cramp gone, still treating this like an easy jog
1:53 (7:32) - decided to push the pace to see what would happen
1:53 (7:32) - tried runner's world method of drinking water during race
1:50 (7:20)
1:45 (7:00) - saw a friend and got a spring in my step
1:52 (7:28)
1:49 (7:16) - finishing push
0:40 (.1 mile, 6:40 pace) - outsprinted a few people


Kevin said...

I see Julie is still finishing ahead of you! Congradulations to her on her finish. Keep up the good work.

Jonathan said...

There are times when I beat her from a time perspective, but I've yet to ever beat her from a will power perspective. When it comes to running, she's a lot tougher than me.