Thursday, September 13, 2007

Run Slow to Run Fast

6.78 miles, 55:02, 8:07 pace, Avg HR = 146, Max HR = 163

This was an easy run after the past two days of hard running. I heard a Kenyan Way coach say you have to run slow so you can run fast, which is a concise way to say that running too fast too often will wear your body down and you can't perform at your peak.

I picked up the pace at the end when Beyonce's Irreplaceable came across the MP3 player. Yes, I listen to her and it happens to be one of my favorite running songs. It's about 175-180 beats per minute, so it's easy to maintain a steady cadence in the optimal range while listening to the song.

9:02 for first 1.06 miles (8:31 pace)
5:24 for last .72 miles (7:30 pace)

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