Saturday, September 15, 2007

Weekend Long Run -- 14 miles from Memorial to Home

14.05 miles, 1:56:21, 8:16 Pace, Avg HR = 145, Max HR = 157

I sometimes wonder if I'm crazy. Then I realize, "yes, of course I'm crazy!" Why else would I get up at 3:50 AM after a long week of work in order to run a 14 mile long run starting at 4:30 AM?

The reason is because I wanted to run a 5k race at 8AM with the rest of my Dynegy Running Club compatriots, and I had to get up that early in order to finish my scheduled long run in time. And yes, running a 5k after a long run is yet another example of how crazy I must be.

I ran this almost exclusively alone, after veering off from the Houston Fit group about two miles into the run. I was encouraged by the performance because I purposely minimized water breaks and the time spent during those breaks in order to simulate race conditions. My pace, including breaks, was 8:23.

But if I learned anything, it's that I'm not ready for the big time yet, because I had a hard time with miles 12 and 13. I can't imagine doing the 21 that my friends Tracy and Greg ran with Houston fit.

9:25 for 1.13 (8:20 pace) (hit lap button accidentally)
7:19 for .92 (7:57 pace)

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