Monday, February 25, 2008

Will's Hills - 1- Back on the Hills Again

Bicyle Ride to Park to Warm Up
Warm Up
Hills, 2.31 miles, 23:59, 10:22 pace, Max HR = 168, Avg HR = 156 (77% in Zone 4)
Bicyle Ride Home to Warm Down

Tom Radosevich, a coach from Power in Motion, told me about a group called Will's Hills that meets THREE! times per week to run hills. I haven't had a hill workout since before the Houston marathon(and only a few since before the Dallas marathon back in December), so I was anxious to try it. It starts at 5:30 AM, and these hills were more challenging than the Kenyan Way hills.

This workout kicked my butt. I was one of the slowest ones there. I'm not sure if it's because I'm out of shape, they're in great shape, I'm tired from a long run yesterday and a race the day before, or because my knee bothered me just a bit today. I'm inclined to go with the second -- they're in great shape. At Kenyan Way I was often among the top two or three runners, but I'd lap people who were walking and talking. If you're talking during a high intensity workout, then you're not achieving your target zone.

I'm excited about the possibility of joining them once or twice a week. Since it starts at 5:30AM I'll never have to worry about being late to work. I enjoyed my bike ride over to the park and bike ride back home. That's something I couldn't have done when I lived in the Museum District.

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