Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Will's Hills - 2- Will's Hills again plus evening lap at Memorial

Bike Ride to
Short Warm up
Hill Workout, 2.78 miles, 27:47, 9:59 pace (ugh!), Max HR = 168, Avg HR = 154
Bike Ride from

3.02 Miles, 23:32, 7:46 pace, Max HR = 152, Avg HR = 144, Cadence = 89

Already it's been a tough few days. Let's recap:
Saturday AM - 5 Mile Race
Sunday AM - 10 Mile Run
Monday AM - Hills
Tuesday PM - Speed Workout
Wednesday AM - Hills
Wednesday PM - 3 Miles at Memorial Park

Despite the low mileage, I'm beat. I need to decide how I'm going to balance the new hill workouts and speed workouts with distance. I'd still like to carry 40-50 miles per week as an average, but I won't be able to do that feeling the way I do right now.

The hill workout was great. I started out in the back of the pack but worked my way up. I took the downhills faster, mimicking what others there do. I can feel the burn in the quads when I do that. Since my legs appear to be physically underdeveloped in the front as compared to the back, my guess is that it's a good thing for me to run down the hills to build muscle balance.

Plus, and this is preliminary, I might be running the Ogden Marathon in May with Cory. If I do, I'll need to build up my quads since the marathon is downhill the whole way and that really pounds the quadriceps. More details on that marathon later.

Congratulations to Dave for completing the Mardi Gras Marathon last weekend! Dave, I wish I could link to your results, but since this race was run in Louisiana then we can't expect online results any time soon.

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Kevin said...

is a link to a Dave's results from a race in Louisiana. How about them apples?