Monday, February 11, 2008

Running Partner

7.09 miles, 53:43, 7:34 pace, Max HR = 162, Avg HR = 148, Cadence = 88

I bonded with another runner today during my seven mile jaunt around the trail by my neighborhood. Here I was, five miles into my run, just before 8:00PM, and I passed by a group of kids hanging out and doing what kids do. The next thing I know one of the kids is running beside me. Now it was dark enough for me to be a little anxious, so I picked up the pace just a bit, but he kept at my side. He seemed nice enough, so I asked him if he was a runner and what he ran. After getting no response but a smile, I realized he didn't know English. So I asked him (in some of the few Spanish words I know) what his name was. So Luis and I ended up running for just under a mile before he faded behind and caught back up with his friends. He seemed like a nice kid.

I'm not sure why the cadence was so low today. I was happy with my speed and my breathing pattern (3x in, 3x out which means I'm running comfortably.) Although I skipped my speed work last week, I kind of feel like I might be at my fastest right now. Not putting in the long miles on the weekend gives me more energy to run faster "easy" run.

I think the mild terrain change over the course of the 2 mile trail is probably a better workout than I've normally been getting at Rice, Memorial and Hermann Park. I only wish my new path was a little longer and more well lit. But I bought a headlamp at Home Depot this weekend in preparation for my night leg of the Texas Independence Relay and I tried it out tonight for the first time. Cars certainly see me better, and I get a better view of the path ahead of me so I can avoid pot holes, roots and other obstacles.

8:10, 7:36, 7:40, 7:40, 7:25, 7:08, 7:18

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