Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Back to Work

7.82 miles, 1:00:06, 7:41 pace, Max HR = 151, Avg HR = 140, Cadence = 89

I set off for my normal route today, but since it stormed pretty hard today I detoured toward downtown when I saw some puddles along my route. After working twelve hours in a day, what draws a man to run back toward the building in which he works? Icarus flying too close to the sun looking for glory, or the mosquito attracted to the deadly blue light of the bug zapper? I think beauty is in all things. I enjoy the sight of mountains and forests and oceans and sunsets. But I also enjoy the sight of a city skyline. So I headed toward downtown along the route that my bus carries me every day and passed by my building.

I've pressed this issue in the past, but I REALLY enjoy having my watch so I can take impromptu detours and not wonder how far I've run. Today's run was a bit long -- I was slated for 7 miles - but I really enjoyed the new scenery, even though I didn't finish until after 11PM. The headlamp worked well announcing my presence to other cars.

8:09, 7:45, 7:31, 7:35, 7:52, 7:44, 7:42

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